A Dream of Distant Shores by Alicia Doyle

In October I participated in another of NYC Midnight’s writing competitions. The challenge was to write a rhyming short story, of no longer than 650 words. My genre was historical fiction. I had to include the feeling “inspired” and the word “trust”. I am excited to share my rhyming short story, “A Dream of DistantContinue reading “A Dream of Distant Shores by Alicia Doyle”

Updates, updates and more updates!

It’s been a spell since I updated the world about my writing progress and writing competition adventures so that is what I’ve decided to do today. Writing Competitions: Page Turner Awards: I am really excited to have had the first 10 pages of my novel long-listed for the Page Turner Writing Mentorship Award. I postedContinue reading “Updates, updates and more updates!”

Writing Contests, 30,000 Words, and a Series Title!

As it turns out, I love entering writing competitions. They are exhilarating and so valuable for my growth as a writer. Possible awards aside, the community of writers and the challenge of not always writing in a genre or about a topic that I am comfortable with is great for my author muscles.  Also, gettingContinue reading “Writing Contests, 30,000 Words, and a Series Title!”

Writing Contests Update!

As you know, if you’ve been following me on this crazy journey, I recently participated in The Write Practice’s Spring Writing Competition! I am still waiting to hear the results but I thought I would include a little excerpt of Beezlebub’s New Beginnings Bingo and a link to Short Fiction Breaks website where it isContinue reading “Writing Contests Update!”