Oh Hey! It’s been a minute…

April was a heavy month for me.  Why? I wish I knew.

In the past month and a half, I have only managed to write one chapter, with exceptional difficulty. My creative well was nearly dried up and to be honest, the world and everything going on as of late has been profoundly vexing.

It is very easy to drown in all of it. Writing is usually my life preserver but not having the desire to write really brought me low.

However, I participated once more in NYC Midnight’s 100 Word Micro Fiction Challenge, which is always refreshing. After finishing that entry, I found the motivation to finish the rough draft of Chapter 8 in book two of my novel series.

Book Two currently sits just shy of 17,000 words and I am thrilled about how the story elements are coming together.

In Book Two, I am dabbling with a unique literary technique that I have never used before which led me to read W. Goldman’s The Princess Bride, which employs a similar technique ( so I consulted an expert). While I don’t plan to write a detailed review here, I must say, I was floored by how the technique played out in reality.

I had only ever watched the film adaptation, and usually, I always find the book to be better. I can’t say that I enjoyed this book as much as the film (which is a first for me), but wow, Goldman had me duped (in a good way) and I sat dumbfounded for a bit after finished it. Overall, I would rate the book as 4-Stars because it was occasionally difficult to follow but as a whole, it really was brilliant. And I now feel more confident that I am using the technique properly.

In other news, Book 1 of my series, titled Magic in Her Blood will soon be heading off to my editor, which I am both excited for and terrified of — a necessary stress, I suppose.

Anyhow, I am currently reading Cassandra Clare’s newest trilogy, The Last Hours, so stay tuned for those reviews in the coming days! 

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