Oh Hey! It’s been a minute…

April was a heavy month for me.  Why? I wish I knew. In the past month and a half, I have only managed to write one chapter, with exceptional difficulty. My creative well was nearly dried up and to be honest, the world and everything going on as of late has been profoundly vexing. ItContinue reading “Oh Hey! It’s been a minute…”

100-Word Micro Fiction Challenge 2022 Update!

Back in April, I entered NYC Midnight’s 100 Word Micro Fiction Challenge. I was given 24 hours to write a fiction story of no more than 100 words using criteria provided to me by NYC Midnight. I was given Drama as my genre, the action I had to include was Finding Cash and I hadContinue reading “100-Word Micro Fiction Challenge 2022 Update!”

Writing Contests Update!

As you know, if you’ve been following me on this crazy journey, I recently participated in The Write Practice’s Spring Writing Competition! I am still waiting to hear the results but I thought I would include a little excerpt of Beezlebub’s New Beginnings Bingo and a link to Short Fiction Breaks website where it isContinue reading “Writing Contests Update!”