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I am procrastinating today. So, I thought I would share the second 100-Word Micro Fiction story that I wrote for the second round of NYC Midnight’s Challenge.

I was given Historical Fiction as my genre, the action I had to include was Getting a Bug Bite and I had to include the word Brief. Here is what I wrote, title Dream of the West:

John traveled the Oregon Trail for 8 weeks before tragedy struck. Two covered wagons from his caravan met their doom in the mire and the muck: wooden skeletons and broken dreams. Early summer rains supplied perfect conditions for insects to thrive, leaving John bitten to pieces by mosquitoes. Fever followed, raging, and burning within him. When the physician told him to make his peace with God, he penned his final words in a brief letter to his sweetheart.

My Darling Emma,

Don’t give up on our dream of the West. I’ll be in your heart.

All My Love, John

I wasn’t successful in moving on to the third and final round, but the experience was definitely worth it! Trying to cram an entire story or something that resembles one into 100 words is an interesting and difficult task.  Even the judges seem to find it a challenge because some of the feedback I received included a list of questions or pieces of the story the judges wished I had included. Alas, 100 words are limiting. Still, I think I will enter the competition again next year!

On another note, I entered the first 10 pages of my novel into a competition based in the UK. Called the Page Turner Awards, I entered the Writing Mentorship Category in hopes of winning the opportunity to work with someone in the writing world as a mentor.

The finalists for the competition were announced yesterday, I am thrilled to say that I was chosen as a finalist!

Now, I wait to see if my piece is chosen by one of the mentors!  I’m not sure how long the wait will be to find out, but I am honored to be among the authors who are being considered. I have attached a link to the finalist announcement if you want to take a peek!

2022 Writing Mentorship Award Finalists | Page Turner Awards

Have a wonderful day!

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