Book Review: Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas


One of my favorite experiences as a reader is when I get to the point in my book or series when all the characters and storylines converge into those epic scenes, that for me, are the cherry on top of a great piece of writing. Think, The Battle of Helm’s Deep, or better yet, the Battle for Gondor. Or maybe it’s the Battle of the Bastards or the Battle of Winterfell against the Night King. There is something magical about seeing everyone together, despite their individual struggles and subplots.
Sarah J. Maas killed it (in a good way) in Kingdom of Ash. So much has happened to the characters throughout the Throne of Glass series. Many obstacles, heartbreak, despair, and desperation have been overcome. Sweet revenge, vindication, and the slow journey to healing have occurred. Although as a reader, I didn’t want to say goodbye to the characters I have grown to love, I felt a sense of closure at the end of this book and series, and not my usual grief when the end arrives.
The series was worth any of the minor issues I might have had at one point. Sometimes, though many may disagree with me, the slow spots are vital in making the good parts great.
I was really impressed with the series, and I fully intend on reading any other series that Sarah J. Mass writes because her style of writing flows and stimulates my mind’s eye so that her stories become more than words on a page but a familiar place, with old friends that I can escape to when reality is too much to bear.
Read this series. Seriously.

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