Book Review: Norse Paganism for Beginners by History Brought Alive


I received a copy of Norse Paganism for Beginners by History Brought Alive from BookSirens.
I have now had the opportunity and pleasure of reading several of History Brought Alive’s books on various topics. This one, Norse Paganism for Beginners is my favorite.
This book does a great job of providing historical context and addressing the issues that come along when a cultural tradition is mostly oral and not written down.
History Brought Alive does great research and provides accurate and authentic information for the reader that allows one to dip their toes into a topic and get a taste for it without information overload. For someone who has a passing interest in a topic, books like this are perfect.
If you are like me, a lover of history and hungry for as much information as possible, these books are also a great place to start. The section on references at the end makes finding more information easy for the reader. I just love these little bite-size chunks of history and you will too!

Published by ATL Doyle

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