Writing Contests, 30,000 Words, and a Series Title!

Mellon says, “Take a Break!”

As it turns out, I love entering writing competitions. They are exhilarating and so valuable for my growth as a writer. Possible awards aside, the community of writers and the challenge of not always writing in a genre or about a topic that I am comfortable with is great for my author muscles.  Also, getting to read all the other entries is wonderful.

As I write this, I anxiously await results from the Spring Writing Contest where I entered my short story “Beezlebub’s New Beginnings Bingo.”  You can read it here:

Beezlebub’s New Beginnings Bingo (shortfictionbreak.com)

I also have completed my 100-word story for the first round of NYC Midnight’s 100 Word Flash Fiction Contest.

Fingers crossed that I make it to round two!

I loved the experience with NYC Midnight, so I decided to register for their 1000 Word Flash Fiction Contest that is coming up in June. Essentially it is the same idea as the 100 words only instead of 24 hours, I will have 48 hours to complete the story (1000 words versus 100) based on an assigned genre, location, and object assignment. The contest consists of 4 rounds, so that means I may have the chance to write four separate short stories! I am pumped!

Also, I recently submitted a poem to the Canadian Author’s Poetry Competition, which I am excited about. The contest doesn’t close for a while yet so the wait for results will be agonizing!

Finally, I decided to submit the first 10 pages of the novel I have been working on to the Page Turner Awards (UK), in the Writer Mentorship Category. If chosen, I will have the opportunity to be mentored by someone in the industry for up to a year in some cases. I will find out if I am successful in September! Ugh, more waiting!

I have one more exciting announcement!

The name of my novel, which will hopefully be the first book in a series, finally has a TITLE…

The Oraculis Chronicles !!!

In truth, that’s the name of the series and each book will have a unique subtitle but it’s a place to start!

I have surpassed the 30,000-word mark and even though I have been busy, I am still making progress. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and come on this journey with me ❤

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