It’s Time for an Update

Untitled Novel/Series:
I am excited to say that I have almost reached the 27,000-word mark and 10 Chapters completed on my upcoming novel! I feel like I can confidently say this is probably the halfway mark for this book. I thought about sharing some of my favorite quotes from what I’ve written so far, but not quite yet!
I have also been focusing a lot on the back story for this novel and its characters, and when I say back story, I mean Back…think “In the Beginning…”
I have written a unique creation/origin story and I am really excited about it!

Challenges & Competitions:
As you know, I participated in a 21 Day Poetry Writing Challenge in October 2021, and was rewarded for my efforts with those poems being published! It has been fantastic seeing everyone receive copies and getting feedback! I love it.
In keeping with my belief that personal and professional development is never done, I have recently entered two more writing challenges/competitions, both taking place in April 2022.
The first is the NYC Midnight Micro Fiction Writing Challenge! Essentially, on the day of the competition, they will send me a genre, action, and word assignment and then I will have 24 hours to write a 100-word fiction story using the information they provided! Crazy right? Anyway, the competition has 3 levels, and the first one will be in April. If I am successful, the second round will take place in June 2022!
The second competition is The Write Practice’s 2022 Spring Writing Contest! I will have 1500 words to write a story using a theme that they provide me. I can start writing immediately (I have) and part of the process involves submitting the story to a small group workshop, where myself and a few other contestants give each other feedback before the story is submitted to the judges!
The prizes for both include various cash prizes and the winner of the 2022 Spring Writing Contest will have their story featured on the front page of Short Fiction Break, a monthly literary magazine, and be offered the opportunity to be a monthly contributor! Most importantly though, the biggest reward is the chance to step outside my comfort zone and increase my experience and skills as an author. I can’t wait to share the journey (and the stories) with you! I will post the links to both competitions below (This paragraph is an example of what 100 words looks like).

Wish me luck!

NYC Midnight Micro Fiction Challenge:
The Write Practice 2022 Spring Writing Contest:

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