Book Review: Raven Goddess (Going Deeper with the Morrigan) by Morgan Daimler


This is the second book by Morgan Daimler on The Morrigan that I have read, and once again it was an absolute pleasure. I have been reading a lot of non-fiction lately, which I normally find daunting because I use reading as my primary means of escape from this planet we live on. Occasionally though, as I have found to be the case with all of Daimler’s books I have read, I am able to submerge myself in a non-fiction that is captivating, enlightening, and enjoyable.

My favorite part about picking up a book by this author is knowing that what I read has been thoroughly and carefully researched by a knowledgeable and well-respected expert on the topic. Daimler has built quite the repertoire of books on the topics of Irish folklore and mythology and is one of my go-to authors for accurate information for researching the Fair Folk and various Irish Gods, Goddesses, and un-gods for the book I am writing.

As stated above, this is the second of Daimler’s books that focuses on The Morrigan, and what I love about this book in particular is the way it explores people’s modern views and beliefs about this ancient Goddess. Daimler points out, validly, that while each individual will relate to the Goddess in their own unique way, it is important to understand and be familiar with the historical (myth or otherwise) context surrounding the Morrigan to fully grasp who The Morrigan was and is in Irish beliefs.

Daimler’s writing style flows in a way that makes reading about the history of these Irish beliefs easy to follow and understand, and for the skeptic, perhaps even believable. I can’t speak highly enough about this author and their credibility. If you love history or are interested in Irish Mythology and Folklore, and want an accurate source of information, it would be a mistake to not include Daimler’s books.

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