Book Review: The Night and Its Moon by Piper CJ


My discovery of this brilliant author and her book occurred in a rather serendipitous way. Unbeknownst to me, I had been following the author on TikTok because I loved hearing her talk about folklore, a subject that interests me immensely. I happened to be flitting through TikTok one day and came across her live TikTok discussing her book series and giving the world the amazing news that her previously self-published fantasy series had been snatched up (now that I’ve devoured the first book, I completely understand why) by a publishing house, and it would be re-launched by them. She mentioned there was a brief window left to purchase her original self-published edition before it was delisted and re-released so I hopped on Amazon and grabbed a copy.
I adored this book. I love fantasy. I love the escape it gives me from this planet I have to live on, so I have read a TON of books in this genre, and this one is among the best I’ve ever read. I am a sucker for lyrical prose and vivid imagery. I know there are a lot of readers who like a fast plot and relatable characters, and so do I, and this book has an excellent plot and deliciously complex characters, but it also has those passages of words that move you in such a way that you pause and look off in the distance as you savor them.
This book has all the right elements that take a good story and make it great. With threads of overcoming adversity, facing your own demons and battling real ones, vengeance, spicy sexy stuff, being comfortable in your own skin, loving whoever you want in spite of all else…Ahhh! I just can’t say enough good things! It will be a mistake not to read this if you love fantasy. Mark my words, I foresee Piper CJ being ranked among the other incredible women who write in this genre and I can’t get my hands on the next book fast enough!

Published by ATL Doyle

I am an aspiring author, military wife, and mother of four boys. In my free time, I am a voracious reader and lover of large cups of tea. While I enjoy reading everything, my favorite genre is fantasy. One of my hobbies is reading and reviewing books on various online platforms. I have dabbled in short stories and writing poetry, publishing a small book of my poems in 2022, with an independent publisher. I enjoy keeping the world up-to-date on her writing, reading, and random thoughts on my blog.I am also currently writing my first novel.

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