Book Review: The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas


I admit I am a bit late to the Sarah J. Maas fandom, but I do prefer not having to wait for the books in a series I love to release. I find the wait excruciating **cough** GRRM, Rothfuss, et al. **cough**
I immediately fell in love with Maas’ writing style and The Assasin’s Blade was a perfect appetizer for what I anticipate will be an emotional rollercoaster ride of a series.
This book is especially great if you prefer shorter stories as it is actually five novellas contained in one book. We are introduced to the fiery, young assassin, Celaena Sardothien, and her life as Adarlan’s Assassin and with each novella, we are given another glimpse into who she is and how her values and principles challenge her and her life as an assassin.
There is just a hint of her past laced throughout each story that creates the right amount of intrigue leaving the reader desperate for more details. Celaena is deadly with a blade and her tongue, and she is surrounded by a cast of interesting and well-written characters that really enhance each story as it unfolds.
I laughed, cried, and raged reading this prequel to the Throne of Glass series, and to me, that is what makes a great story and distinguishes a great writer from a good one. I want to feel what the characters are feeling. I want to be changed in some way when I close the book at the end. I want those moments that are so real, that I have to close the book and close my eyes just to process them.
This book fulfilled all my expectations. I absolutely recommend it.

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