New Poem

I can’t sleep, so here is a brand new poem that I just wrote:

Who will speak for the voiceless?
Who will comfort the ones left behind?
Who will hold the hands of the hopeless?
As the helpless and innocent die?

Who is right, who is wrong, does it matter?
If the vulnerable still suffer the same,
Who will say, ” Stop political chatter!
Each life lost is a crime, is a shame.”

Time is ticking, and war marches onward,
Devastation, destruction, and pain
Peace is shattered and freedom is threatened
And not only for those in Ukraine,

Everyone tosses around the word, “Freedom.”
Yet so many do not have a clue,
Sometimes words aren’t enough to secure it
Sometimes difficult actions are due

Why is history always repeating?
Surely humans are not so inane.
It’s all stemming from ego and power,
All this mess for political gain.

Where are the warriors and leaders,
Who will do what is right, not refrain?
It is times such as these that define us
When we overcome suffering and pain

What is great, will never come easy.
And the cost of freedom is high
But it’s worthy and right to defend it,
We must act, and stop just standing by

No more words, more than sanctions, Take action!
Be decisive, deliberate, and firm,
The time for talking is over
“Freedom for all!” It is time to affirm.

-Alicia Doyle, 9 March 2022

Published by ATL Doyle

I am an aspiring author, military wife, and mother of four boys. In my free time, I am a voracious reader and lover of large cups of tea. While I enjoy reading everything, my favorite genre is fantasy. One of my hobbies is reading and reviewing books on various online platforms. I have dabbled in short stories and writing poetry, publishing a small book of my poems in 2022, with an independent publisher. I enjoy keeping the world up-to-date on her writing, reading, and random thoughts on my blog.I am also currently writing my first novel.

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