Starting the Journey…

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”

-Paulo Coelho

Expressing myself through writing has always been easier than speaking for me. I suppose it was inevitable that I should find an author inside when I looked deep enough. 2021 has been the “official” start of this journey for me although I have always loved writing. Anything. Everything. Some things I have learned so far about myself and writing are:

  1. I struggle with discipline. Setting a consistent place and time to write is a big adversary I face so far, that and a very persistent case of writer’s block.  I fill the time when I am suffering writer’s block with reading.  
  2. Writing poems can be very therapeutic and a good filler when I can’t focus on my novel.
  3. My children are the biggest obstacle to writing. It is easier to write when they aren’t around. Which is virtually never.
  4. I get extremely irritable when I am interrupted while reading and writing.
  5. Thinking about writing keeps me up at night.

My hope is to write about this journey of embracing and growing the author within, so if you feel up to it, feel free to tag along.

Welcome to Word Haven

I’ve always been better at writing than speaking so I guess it makes sense that I would eventually become an author.  I am Alicia, voracious reader, and aspiring author. I’m also a mom of 4 boys and a military wife. My hope for this site is to be a place where I can talk about books I’ve read, share my thoughts and my writing, and eventually have it act as an intermediary between me and anyone who wants to know more. Welcome to Word Haven, and make yourself comfortable.

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